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Here at Liberty Orthodontics, Dr. Harper specializes exclusively in orthodontics. This specialized focus has allowed us to develop unique orthodontic treatment techniques that provide you with the best care possible. Dr. Harper has years of training and experience and this assures that your treatment will lead to the smile you have always wanted.


Liberty Orthodontics is committed to providing you with the highest quality orthodontic care in a relaxed and comfortable environment. We understand that every patient has different needs and we pride ourselves on providing the highest quality, affordable service to each of our patients. Liberty Orthodontics works with all age groups and Dr. Harper and his experienced staff are here to assist you with your needs.

Orthodontic Services

Harper Orthodontics phone number: 816 781 9230. Harper Orthodontics address: 16-A Westwoods Dr. Liberty, MO 64068

Regardless of your age, straightening your teeth can help you achieve a beautiful and healthy smile. Here at Liberty Orthodontics we offer a wide range of orthodontic services to help you achieve the perfect smile. Dr. Harper and his staff offer a FREE consultation and will help guide you with the proper treatment that is just right for you.


Treatments include, Braces, I-Braces, Invisalign and TMJ/TMD. Call today to make an appointment for your FREE consultation (816) 781-9230.

3 Ways We’re Different


Faster, More Efficient Orthodontic Treatment

We are committed to providing fast, efficient, comfortable treatments to our patients. Since the correct timing of all orthodontic treatment is precise and essential to meet that commitment, we will develop a customized plan specifically for you. Our customized treatments allow you to spend less time in braces and more time showing off your new, beautiful smile. We begin treatment only when the patient is in the ideal condition to make the most beneficial progress. Shorter orthodontic treatment times result in fewer problems with decalcification, less inflammation of the gums, and nearly eliminates patient treatment fatigue. We proceed only when the treatment will be the most beneficial for you.

How is this process accomplished?
Through Timing and Technique

We have perfected a timing process that facilitates the shortest possible and most pleasurable experience for your orthodontic treatment. Determining the best starting point leads to this more efficient process. In addition, during our years of practice, we have developed unique treatment techniques that speed your progress along. Never forsaking quality for speed, we accomplish what you might only dream of a brighter, more beautiful smile faster than you thought possible.



Complimentary Personal Hygiene Kit for
EVERY Patient!

We take dental hygiene very seriously. In an attempt to avoid decalcification and gingival problems during treatment, we provide each patient with a complimentary personal hygiene kit to use throughout their orthodontic treatment. This highly beneficial kit includes a Triumph Oral-B electric toothbrush, Crest Pro-Health toothpaste, and Crest Pro-Health oral rinse. In conjunction with our instructions concerning your oral hygiene, we give you every advantage to be successful in your treatment without experiencing easily avoided problems along the way. We are so serious about this that we monitor hygiene at every appointment.

Why do we make hygiene such a priority?

Braces and other orthodontic work tend to complicate good oral hygiene and make it more difficult than usual. In addition, often those receiving treatment are adolescents, and are possibly already challenged when it comes to good oral hygiene. Because your objective is to have a more beautiful smile, we want to make sure you also have a healthy smile, so we concentrate on providing you with the best oral health care available. This is why we believe the kit is a must and offer it free as an added benefit for choosing Dr. Harper at Liberty Orthodontics.

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